Lighting Systems Maintenance Dubai

We cannot imagine life without light. Light does not only mean something positive, it also enables the universe to function smoothly. In modern time, lights have become very important with the increase in electricity charges and high demand for energy. The entire world is looking for the solutions to the energy problems. At one hand people are looking for renewable sources of energy, on the other hand, they are looking for ways to lessen the energy consumption. With lights occupying a big portion of electricity consumption every year, lighting management has become an important part of the business policy in corporate houses.

E4 Design and Build is the pioneer company in the field of lighting systems maintenance in Dubai. Dubai is the business hub of the world with thousand of top companies operating their business from here. A successful company depends on the operational ability of the employees. Light has a big role to play to enhance the functionality of the employees. Bright symmetrical lighting can brighten up the office environment while, can create visual difficulty for the employees, leading to the deficiency in functionality.

E4 Design and Build puts emphasis on making customised plans for every office regarding lighting systems. Our main aim is to lower the energy consumption as much as possible while keeping the office environment bright and cheerful for the employees at the same time. We design the lighting system in such a way that the entire office gets light as per the requirement of the section. We do schedule cleaning, reinstalling and re-ballasting of the lighting system. We also confirm the proper disposal of the bulbs and ballasts to ensure environment safety. We keep a log of all our activities and always stay in contact with the reporting authority.